Meet Our Team

John Meredith

John began working in the industry with his dad in 1998 doing excavation work. “I got pretty good with running equipment by the time I was in my teens, and when I met Jason I was already better at running equipment than most guys”. For about 10 years he was a Project Manager, but was still doing dirt work during that time. He eventually came back to “dirt work”, and about 5-6 years ago stepped into the drain field business. “When the recession hit there was still no lack of that kind of work to do, so I naturally just fell into it”.

John takes on the kinds of jobs that no one else wants to touch because of the complexity, from historical restoration sites to commercial and residential sites. He thrives on completing service work and complex jobs, not just the new construction that is often much easier. 

When he’s not working John can be found cross country racing motorcycles, something he grew up doing in St. Maries and Orofino. “Cross country racing you run out through the woods, and there are sometime ruts 4-5 feet deep, and about 5% of the people that start actually finish”.

Jason Simmons

After being raised in a family where his dad was a civil engineer, contracting and excavation felt like the most natural line of work for Jason Simmons to join his dad and the team at the age of 18. After years of working in all aspects of the construction industry, Jason realized he was uniquely positioned to combine the skills he had learned with the quoting science he had created, into a company that could create the ultimate contracting experience.

In November 2016, Jason created Simco Development Group and has since expanded and brought on additional team members and leadership, culminating in more than 50 years of combined experience in the core development team alone. Through a recognized need and working relationship, John joined Jason and created Advanced Septic and Excavation to better serve the needs of their clients, as partners. Together they tackle all things earth.

From Our Clients…

“I wish I had called this Company earlier! They answered my call and John was on site right away. It took him no time at all to assess the problem, our buried tank, and helped us figure out what was causing our back up problems. A quick fix took care of it even though one of his crew had to go down inside the tank. I never heard one complaint. It’s been 2 months and everything is working perfectly! Thank You”

– Aaron

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